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Our Value Proposition

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

  • •As supply chain attacks and inefficient operations continue to disrupt the activities of the critical infrastructure sectors, Idenx has emerged as the solution to optimize supply chain attacks mitigation and supply chain operations

  • •We have a rich distributed supply chain managed services proposition via Idenx and its components such as Idenx blockchain, Idenx transactions, Idenx smart contracts, and adversarial action reasoning

  • •Idenx technology integrates value chain of a supply chain, and it is applicable across critical infrastructure sectors and businesses such as energy, transportation, telecommunication, Information Technology (IT), defence, commercial, government, banking and finance, healthcare, water, and manufacturing, to name a few

  • •Idenx and its components can be independently utilised to enhance identity management and supply chain systems across the critical infrastructure sectors

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