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Key Industry Problems

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Supply chain attacks such as forged certificates and modified software updates directly or indirectly destabilize supply chain components, operations, and relationship among the organizations involved in the supply chain

•Health sector | Energy sector | Engineering sectors (2020 Kwampirs Malware Cyber attacks)

•Businesses – increased remote working under COVID-19 pandemic

•Open-source Web Programming Language – 2021 PHP web technology supply chain attack

•Computer Hardware Company – 2018-2019 ASUS ShadowHammer attack

•Cryptocurrency and Distributed Ledger Technologies – 2019 Monero attack and 2020 IOTA attack

•IT Service Management Company – 2020 GitHub Octopus Scanner attack

•Modern Software Development – 2019-2020 Typosquatting attacks

•Financial Services – 2017 Equifax hack

•E-commerce | Transportation – 2018 British Airways (BA) data breach

•E-commerce | Entertainment – 2018 Ticketmaster data breach

•Energy sector | Financial services | Education | Telecoms | Manufacturing | Transportation – 2017 ShadowPad backdoor attack

•Energy sector – 2015-2017 software with Trojan implants and watering hole attacks

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