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Solutions - Idenx
We create transparency for a global economy built on blockchains.

A blockchain-based identity management system for supply chain attacks mitigation and secure supply chain operations in Internet of Things

A family of technologies comprising of novel lightweight cryptographic protocols, Idenx blockchain, Idenx transactions, Idenx smart contracts, and systematic adversarial action reasoning

Key Features:

Data freshness; Digital signatures; Real-time transparency, auditability, fault-tolerance, immutability, and distribution; Privacy; Mutual (multi-factor) authentication; Distributed attribute-based identity management; Components and services identifiers; Lightweight cryptographic schemes

Key establishment

Crypto-enabled and faster transactions and supply chain consensus; adversarial action reasoning; No processing fees, miners/validators, and trusted third-parties; Low delay and scalable autonomous blockchain

Additional Features:

Supply chain process and sub-processes facilitations and integrations; Cyber exploitation reasoning; Real-time feedback; No legal and regulatory barriers; Value chain transparency


We create transparency for a global economy built on blockchains.

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