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Use Case Projects

Zyteum applies patented technologies to offer enhanced and secure operations across critical infrastructure sectors – saving the need for vulnerable technologies and avoiding existing and well-known issues such as ransomware attacks

  • Case study: Real-world smart grid supply chain attacks such as the 2017 ShadowPad backdoor that manipulated the supply chain of a server management product used by energy companies and allowing attackers to hijack the update mechanism of the product

  • Mitigation: Executing Zyteum's attribute identifier issuing transaction as well as identity and attribute identifier check contract

  • §Case study: Identification and authentication of actors who performed, inspected or approved a specific task across the Engineering unit of an aviation company. The requirement is to show that all the actors (such as task performer, inspector, and approver) can digitally sign off the task cards, which remains immutable, and all the tasks can be traced, and actors tasked if required

  • §Mitigation (Idenx): Utilizing Idenx blockchain and combination of the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) and Pseudo-Random Function (PRF) used in Idenx

  • Case study: 2019 ShadowHammer attack that leverages ASUS live update software (for BIOS, UEFI, drivers, and applications) to compromise over 1 million ASUS devices

  • Mitigation: Utilizing Idenx’s identity and attribute identifier check transaction and Idenx blockchain

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Key Patented  Technologies


 a blockchain-based secure and efficient supply chain technology

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